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HomeVac S11 Go cordless vacuum your perfect maid at home

HomeVac S11 Go cordless vacuum your perfect maid at home

New Delhi: As the pandemic redefines a clean house in absence of maids and other household staff for many, the demand for cordless vacuums cleaners has grown multi-fold in India. Sensing the opportunity, US-based Eufy by Anker has brought its all-new HomeVac S11 Go for the Indian homes.

At Rs 17,999, its ultra-suction power for deep cleaning, critically acclaimed design, and total manoeuvrability, makes it an ideal cordless vacuum cleaner.

Coming with a whole assortment of accessories, EufyHomeVac S11 Go is ready for any corner of the house.

The product with 12 months warranty is available on Flipkart India, along with leading retail stores in the country.

Let us find out why this can be your ideal maid at home.

The cordless, lightweight design allows you to manoeuvre into corners and around furniture with ease.

The lights at the bottom of S11 Go will allow you to easily clean spots in darker areas of the house, like under the sofa or bed.

S11 Go comes with a strong suction power of 120AW (air watts) and up to 40-minutes of battery life on a single charge.

It also has a five-tier filtration system which includes a HEPA filter to ensure a high-level of cleanliness around your home along with maximizing the motor performance.

The washable high-efficiency filter ensures minimal maintenance and improved performance.

It is good when comes to deep clean carpets and hard floors -- perfect for small to mid-sized office environments.

S11 Go comes with three modes -- max, mid and low which would enable you to customise the cleaning power as well as battery-life of the vacuum.

You can utilise all of the 120AW suction power in max-mode for eight minutes of focused cleaning, when tackling the deepest dust and debris at home or office.

With its dual-vortex technology, the vacuum cleaner delivers increased efficiency and the dust-tight air containment reduces air pollution.

HomeVac S11 Go comes with attachments suitable for any cleaning scenario.

The accessories includes wall-mounting accessories, a floor brush, an AC charger, a metal hose, a long crevice tool, another 2-in-1 crevice tool for softer touch, a mini-motorised brush and an extension hose.

It is super easy to attach accessories and dismantle those.

Conclusion: Whether you need to clean hard-wood or tiles, carpet or crevice, dark or delicate, the HomeVac S11 Go will have you fully covered. At Rs 17,999, this is one of the most affordable vacuum cleaner in town, and will do justice with your daily cleaning needs amid the pandemic.

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