The world of technology has considerably shrunk and whatever people are experiencing in the US or Europe is being experienced by millions back home in India.

From Facebook to Google, Apple to Tecno and Alexa to Google Assistant, the smartphone has become the only frontier for over 480 million users to get their daily news shots across the spectrum and tech news makes a big chunk of their daily consumption.

Millennials want to know everything about their devices and the entire app ecosystem and are not just happy with the externals. People in small-town India are even interested in knowing the internals – the hardware – of a device as they want to spend their hard-earned money on the right kind of devices that last long.

Smartphone users in India are spending nearly 10GB data on average on their devices a day which will only grow as streaming and gaming take center-stage. They are paying bills via smartphones, booking cab rides, ordering food, shopping on eCommerce platforms and whatnot.

Online retail in the country that is growing at a faster pace, is expected to be $170 billion by the financial year 2030 — growing at a CAGR of 23 percent — according to the latest report by global market research firm Jefferies.

The online retailer, which is currently around 25 percent of the total organized retail market in India, can potentially increase to around 37 percent of the total organized retail market during this period. Currently, the total online retail in the country is pegged at $18 billion.

The spurt in the ever-evolving smartphone-related lifestyle has been possible owing to cheaper mobile data rates.

According to the latest reports, 1GB of mobile data cost $0.26 in India, compared with $12.37 in the US, $6.66 in the UK, and a global average of $8.53.

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