Neha Bagaria, Founder & CEO, HerKey (formerly JobsForHer)
Neha Bagaria, Founder & CEO, HerKey (formerly JobsForHer)

350+ Companies Champion Diversity at HerKey’s AccelHERate and DivHERsity Awards 2024

The 7th edition of the AccelHERate & DivHERsity Awards 2024, powered by HerKey, was a landmark event, bringing together over 350 leading companies in a powerful showcase of commitment to diversity and inclusion. The event was a day-long celebration of innovation, policy advancement, and community building, featuring roundtables, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, culminating in the prestigious DivHERsity Awards 2024 ceremony.

The awards recognized outstanding achievements in 12 categories, celebrating both Champions and Companies that have set new benchmarks in diversity and inclusion. Selected from a competitive pool of more than 300 nominees, the winners exemplify the potential of focused efforts to create inclusive workplaces where women can thrive.

The AccelHERate & DivHERsity Awards are dedicated to honouring organizations that not only promote female participation but also implement progressive policies and programs fostering women-friendly environments. The event served as a critical platform for dialogue on overcoming biases, enhancing policies, and crafting strategies for a more inclusive industry.

A key highlight of the event was a keynote address by Priyank Kharge, Minister of IT/BT and Panchayat Raj, on “Unlocking India’s Potential: Nurturing Women in IT/BT.” His insights laid the groundwork for discussions on supporting women in technology and fostering a nurturing environment for their success. Furthermore, he announced the launch of “herShakti,” a program designed for women returning to the workforce, in partnership with the Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM), W@W, Infosys Springboard, among others.

Neha Bagaria, Founder & CEO of HerKey, remarked, “This year’s AccelHERate & DivHERsity Awards underscore our shared dedication to enhancing gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It’s about transforming challenges into actions that lead to substantial change, paving the way for a future where women can achieve their highest potential and lead.”

The event also welcomed industry luminaries such as Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, CEO of KDEM, and leaders from prominent corporations, highlighting the collective endeavor to effect positive change.

The AccelHERate & DivHERsity Awards 2024 are a testament to the continuous strive towards narrowing the gender gap in the tech industry, showcasing a commitment where inclusion and excellence converge.

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