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Washing Machine and Air conditioner. (AI Generated Image)
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Acer launches large appliance line in India

New Delhi — Indkal Technologies, an official licensee of Acer announced the launch of Acer’s large appliance line in India which is divided into the Quad and Halo series.

According to a Fonearena report, the Quad series Acer Air Conditioners and Washing Machines are feature-rich yet pocket friendly, while the same appliances under the Halo series are designed with premium features and services.

Air conditioners in both series are available in three split variants of 1.0 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2.0 ton with features such as Super Chill Mode, InverterTec, 4-Way Convertible, and AiSense.

Acer washing machines are available in 6.5 Kg, 7.0 Kg, 7.5 Kg, and 8.0 Kg capacities with features like CareTec Wash, Built-in Heater, and AiSense.

From April 8, Acer’s new air conditioner and washing machine range will be available in both online and offline retail stores, with introductory prices starting at INR 27,999 and INR 13,499, respectively. These prices are only available for a limited time.

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