Location intelligence solution suite ArcGIS Business Analyst
Esri's location intelligence solution suite ArcGIS Business Analyst

Esri India Launches Location Intelligence Solution

New Delhi — Esri India, one of the leading location intelligence software and solutions providers in the country Friday announced the availability of ArcGIS Business Analyst, a suite of location intelligence solutions. This suite is designed to assist organisations that handle location-based data, including banking and financial services firms, manufacturing companies, retail chains, real estate businesses, insurance companies, logistics and transportation companies, healthcare organizations, and hospitality firms in making intelligent data-driven decisions.

ArcGIS Business Analyst for India is equipped with various location-based datasets, such as points of interest, road networks, and accurate boundaries at different levels such as village, PIN codes, district, state, etc. It also comprises socio-economic and demographic data, as well as data available from Esri’s Living Atlas. Additionally, live road traffic information will be accessible. This solution can aid in identifying new markets, finding new locations for stores or outlets, better understanding customers’ preferences, and obtaining improved visibility of competitors.

“ArcGIS Business Analyst is a unique solution comprising data, maps, workflows, and infographics that will enable businesses to make smarter decisions. Using ArcGIS Business Analyst, businesses can gain invaluable insight into changing population, housing, demographics, consumer spending, competition, etc., and thus make more informed decisions for market planning, site selection, territory management and customer analysis. Such in-depth analysis will help them gain a competitive edge and improve operational efficiency,” said Esri Inda Managing Director Agendra Kumar.

The power of location intelligence and analytics is being recognised all over the world. Data availability and sharing are now easier in India. With enabling policies like the National Geospatial Policy and the Geospatial Data Guidelines in place, the availability of geospatial data has improved. Esri India has launched ArcGIS Business Analyst in India to enable Indian businesses optimally utilize Indian datasets for carrying out location-specific analysis and gain a competitive advantage.

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