National Pollution Control Day, which falls on December 2 every year, aims to bring awareness about the dangers caused by polluted water, land, and air.
A wide angle shot of white smoke coming out of the nuclear plants

Esri’s Living Atlas can prove useful in analyzing the data on pollution: Agendra Kumar, MD, Esri India

Mr. Agendra Kumar, Managing Director (MD), Esri India said, “The adverse effects of pollution are not limited to one city or country. Most of us are suffering due to the increasing pollution levels. It has a big impact on quality of life and life span. It’s time that we take this issue seriously and take steps to reduce pollution. To achieve this impactfully, it is important to understand the sources of pollution. GIS provides the capability to the authorities engaged in pollution control to understand the causes and severity and make informed decisions. The data available in Esri’s Living Atlas can prove very useful in analyzing the situation for different areas. On the occasion of National Pollution Control Day, I urge that we collectively commit to taking proactive steps that promote climate awareness and sustainability. By doing so, we can reverse the detrimental impacts, be more environmentally responsible, and create a sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.”

Esri India is a leading end-to-end Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and solutions provider.

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