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Samsung Considers Replacing Google with Bing

Samsung is considering replacing Google with Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine on their devices according to a New York Times report.
Samsung’s this move could put Google’s annual revenue of approximately $3 billion at risk. Bing’s ability to challenge Google’s search engine dominance has become more significant in recent months with the inclusion of OpenAI’s technology, allowing it to provide ChatGPT-like responses to user queries.
Based on IDC data, Samsung shipped 261 million smartphones in 2022, all of which run on Google’s Android software. Samsung has established partnerships with both Microsoft and Google, and their devices come pre-installed with a variety of apps and services from both, including OneDrive and Google Maps. As per the report, negotiations are ongoing, and Samsung may still choose to continue with Google as its default search engine provider.
Google is developing multiple projects to modernize and enhance its search services to prevent losing its competitive edge. One of these projects is called Magi, which involves over 160 team members and aims to incorporate artificial intelligence features into its current offerings.
California-based search provider Google has a dominant market share in mobile devices across the United States and many other parts of the globe.
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