IIM Nagpur’s Zero Mile Samvad to Lead Conversations on India’s Economic Ascent
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IIM Nagpur’s Zero Mile Samvad to Lead Conversations on India’s Economic Ascent

  • The flagship summit, scheduled on 15-16th December, to host education stalwarts, industry leaders, elite policy/ lawmakers, film fraternity members, sports persons and entrepreneurs
  • To drive conversations around Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Policy Impact, Sustainable Growth & Cross-Sector Collaboration

 Nagpur – December 06th, 2023: The Indian Institute of Management Nagpur (IIM Nagpur) will host the Zero Mile Samvad (ZMS) on December 15th and 16th, 2023, at its campus. The thought leadership summit will bring together brilliant minds and influential voices to chart a course for India’s journey towards becoming a $5 trillion economy and beyond.

The summit will kick-off by highlighting Maharashtra’s role as a powerhouse in India’s economic growth. The state’s thriving innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, aligned with ZMS’s objectives, makes it an ideal setting for this summit.

India has set an ambitious goal of becoming a $30 trillion economy by 2047, making it the world’s third-largest economy. Achieving this goal requires overcoming several challenges, including the need for extensive workforce training and optimal learning and development opportunities. The expansion of technology is a crucial component of this journey, and Nagpur, with its globally recognized educational and technical institutions, as well as thriving industries, stands as a key player in paving the way for India to realize this monumental vision.

Bhimaraya Metri, Director, Indian Institute of Management Nagpur, said, “We welcome all the dignitaries to the Zero Mile Samvad at IIM Nagpur, a beacon of knowledge and innovation, where we are committed to making a sustainable impact on our historic city and the nation. This summit is a gathering of more than 1000 experts from around the world, providing a unique platform for discussions that will shape the minds, hearts, and actions of current and future leaders. We will explore ground-breaking business, technology, and sustainability advancements, including the Metaverse and Generative Artificial Intelligence. Our goal is to pave the way for a future that balances economic growth with environmental and social sustainability.”

The ZMS summit will delve into critical topics like Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Policy Impact, Sustainable Growth, and Cross-Sector Collaboration. The summit aims to showcase Nagpur to the world while bringing global perspectives to attendees, putting the city on the map as a significant player in the global arena.

CP Gurnani, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Tech Mahindra and Chairman, Board of Governors, Indian Institute of Management Nagpur, said, “As we look forward to convening at the Zero Mile Samvad, we stand at the crossroads of potential and realization, focusing on India’s ambitious goal of becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2024-25. This summit is not just a meeting of minds; it is a cradle for innovation, a bridge connecting academia, industry, and future leaders, fostering an ecosystem ripe for entrepreneurship and sustainable growth. Together, through this dynamic convergence of ideas and collaboration, we are not just participants but active architects in shaping India’s economic future.”

ZMS 2023 will feature an array of distinguished speakers, including education stalwarts, industry leaders, eminent policymakers, leading defence personalities, film fraternity members, sports personalities, and successful entrepreneurs. Through a series of engaging talks, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities, the summit aims to foster collaboration, innovation, and growth, both locally and globally.

About IIM Nagpur- The Indian Institute of Management Nagpur (IIMN) was established in July 2015, following a commitment by the Government of India in the Budget speech of the Finance Minister in July 2014 to establish six new IIMs in Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and Punjab.

Established with the vision of becoming a leading management institution that shapes management systems, policy and governance through high-quality education, research and industry engagement, IIM Nagpur functions with the motto of सत्यंचस्वाध्यायप्रवचनेच (satyam cha svadhyayapravachanecha), that is, an inspired journey towards truth through individual reflection and collective discourse.

For more information, please contact Communication and Media Department (Email: media@iimnagpur.ac.in/ Contact: 0712-2870315/ +91 9096069452)

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