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AI Chatbot Jugalbandi Empowers Indian Farmers

New Delhi — Microsoft and AI4Bharat at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras have collaborated to develop Jugalbandi, a cutting-edge AI-driven chatbot facilitating mobile access to government assistance for Indian farmers.

Jugalbandi, adept at comprehending spoken or typewritten queries in multiple languages, retrieves government assistance program information (typically in English) and delivers it back in the local language.

This novel chatbot has the potential to provide Indian farmers with effortless access to localized information via mobile phones, sparing them the need to physically visit crowded community service centers for basic inquiries.

In early April, Jugalbandi made its debut in Biwan, Haryana. Since then, it has grown exponentially, encompassing 10 out of India’s 22 official languages. It now covers a staggering 171 government programs out of the approximately 20,000 in existence.
Fueled by AI4Bharat’s language models and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service’s reasoning models, the Jugalbandi AI assistant is conveniently accessible through WhatsApp.
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