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ERP, Cloud, and Infra Management among high demand skills in India

Bengaluru — People possessing specific technical skills such as ERP, Java Full Stack, Data Analytics, Cloud, and Infra Management are in high demand across various industries, as per Quess Corp’s Skills Report FY23.

The report is based on data gathered by Quess IT Staffing and highlights the technology hiring trends in India.

According to the report, FY22 had a high demand for a skilled workforce, with many companies practising “talent hoarding.” However, in FY23, traditional tech product-based companies have slowed down their hiring momentum and speed, India Blooms reported.

Non-tech industries have been adopting technology more frequently, which has resulted in a correction of demand for professionals and a decrease in associated price premiums within the IT sector.

The report shows that the top sought-after skills in the IT industry are Resource Planning (ERP), Java Full Stack, Data Analytics, Cloud, and Infrastructure Management. These five skill sets account for around 82% of the total demand.

The demand for professionals with these skills is expected to continue to rise as both tech and non-tech companies embrace digital transformation to drive innovation and business growth.

Additionally, there is a significant demand for professionals with specialized tech skills like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, 5G, Cyber Security, DevOps, RPA, and UI/UX, which accounted for a substantial portion of the total demand.

Industries such as Energy and Utilities (11%), Healthcare and Life Science (11%), Automotive and Engineering (10%), BFSI (7%), and Telecom Networks (6%) held a high demand share for tech talent, India Blooms said citing the Quess report.

The India Blooms report further said, the automotive industry is shifting towards electric vehicles. The engineering industry is working on advancing Industry 4.0, and the Telecom industry is searching for new ways to implement and benefit from 5G networks.

According to industry reports, GCCs in India are quickly growing in number and are expected to offer over 360,000 jobs in the upcoming year. Interestingly, about 20% of the lateral movement from IT firms has been absorbed into GCCs and non-tech firms that are going digital.

Bangalore has been the dominant city for tech talent recruitment, accounting for 55.23% of the total demand, followed by Hyderabad at 12.16%, Pune at 9.95%, Chennai at 9.48%, NCR at 5.67%, and Mumbai at 5.30%.

However, with the advent of remote working and improved data services infrastructure, E-commerce and Financial Services firms have been hiring more in Tier-I and III cities. Companies are now offering employment opportunities to professionals residing in cities such as Jaipur, Coimbatore, Indore, Kochi, Gulmarg, Siliguri, and more.

The report predicts that companies will continue to access a wider talent pool and provide employees with the flexibility to work from any location, thanks to the expected continuation of remote working trends in Indian IT.

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