Nikhil Kapoor, artist at Advaita
Nikhil Kapoor, artist at Advaita

Neurodiverse Artists Take Centre Stage at ‘Advaita’ Exhibition by Nai Subah Foundation

Nai Subah Foundation, a pioneering youth-led social startup, successfully concluded its second annual physical art exhibition, ‘Advaita: Expressions of Diversity’, aimed at showcasing the creativity and unique perspectives of neurodiverse artists through art.


The ArtSastra Gallery in New Delhi hosted a three-day exhibition showcasing around 120 extraordinary artworks by 26 artists aged 10 to 45. The exhibition was highly successful, and almost completely sold out, signifying the popularity and appreciation for these masterpieces and their creators.


Tarini Malhotra, Founder of the Nai Subah Foundation said, “We are thrilled by the overwhelming response to Advaita this year. Not only did we witness a surge in visitors, they were generous in praising the artworks too. The support received for our efforts is indeed a validation of the artistic brilliance of our neurodiverse artists. This exhibition is a significant step not only towards fostering inclusivity but also for preparing these talented individuals for the market and its dynamics.”


Vipul Saini, art curator of “Advaita” and proprietor of ArtSastra Gallery, said, “It’s been a privilege to showcase the works of incredible artists during Advaita and provide them with a platform to share their unique creativity with the world. The outpouring of support from art enthusiasts and collectors is a powerful message of acceptance and appreciation.”


The Advaita exhibition serves as a powerful platform for promoting neurodiversity and dismantling societal barriers. Through art, the exhibition fosters understanding and celebrates the immense talent of neurodiverse individuals.

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