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Telegram Now Supports Shareable Chat Folders

New Delhi — Telegram in a bid to enhance user experience has released a new update that includes a range of new features such as the ability to share entire chat folders with one link, custom wallpapers for individual chats, seamless web apps, and more.

Shareable Chat Folder

“Chat folders can now be shared with a link – inviting your friends or colleagues to dozens of work groups, collections of news channels, and more. With one tap, they will add the folder and instantly join all its chats,” Telegram blogpost read.

“Each chat folder supports multiple invite links allowing access to different chats. When creating a link, select the chats you’d like to include – and give it a unique name to match, like Interns or Managers,” it read further.

Users can include any public chats, as well as chats where they have the admin rights to add people.

Custom Wallpapers
Custom wallpapers can now be created in specific chats, giving conversations a personalized touch.
“After setting a wallpaper, a special message will be sent in the chat that allows your chat partner to add the same wallpaper on their side – or they can create their own,” the blog post said.

Telegram bots can now host seamless web apps, which can be launched in any chat. Bots that support this feature can be accessed via a direct link or by mentioning the bot’s username in any chat. Web apps can support collaboration and multiplayer features when launched in groups.

The update also includes improvements to interfaces, such as faster scrolling for attachments and the ability to send messages when online. Additionally, on the latest iPhones, profile pictures have a new animation that smoothly slides into the dynamic island when scrolling through profiles and info pages.

Overall, the new Telegram update offers several exciting features that enhance the user experience. Users can now enjoy more personalized and collaborative chats.

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