OLT access nodes
Nokia’s Lightspan FX series of OLT access nodes is the “clear market leader” in India with more than 70% market share in 2022.

Nokia partners with Lightstorm to upgrade digital infrastructure in India

New Delhi — Nokia Wednesday announced that it has entered into a partnership with Lightstorm, in India, to supply the latest WDM optical network solutions for the latter’s network expansion into Eastern and Northern regions of India.

Lightstorm is an innovative provider of carrier-neutral digital infrastructure to enterprise customers. Their SmartNet long-haul route in India offers a next-generation network architecture for enterprise customers with reduced latency, 100% uptime and full end-to-end control and management capabilities.

Lightstorm is extending its existing partnership with Nokia as it expands coverage east and north across large swathes of India. The extended network uses Nokia’s 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) optical transport platform and incorporates its fifth-generation coherent optic chipset (PSE-V) to expand total capacity to multi terabytes. The significant boost will help Lightstorm to offer added capacity for its existing customers and also onboard new customers with a significantly higher baseline of services and benefits. 1830 PSS is future-proofed for Nokia’s sixth generation PSE-6 when capacity demands further increase.

“Nokia’s DWDM products offer high capacity and automation to enable cutting-edge digital services for enterprise customers across India. Our partnership with Lightstorm showcases our industry-leading portfolio in optical networking which will be integral to the Digital India vision,” said Vinish Bawa, Nokia India Head of Enterprise, Webscale and Emerging Business.

“Our partnership with Nokia will help us achieve our goals of rapid network route expansion with the benefit of added capacity. The expanded coverage will help Lightstorm cater to our customers’ increasing demand and help drive the Digital India vision,” said Lightstorm Chief Operating Officer Rajiv Nayyar.

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