Humanise-Edition One
Humanise-Edition One
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Plum Launches Book ‘Humanise-Edition One’, Shifting Workplace Narratives to ‘Humans’

Plum, India’s leading insurtech company providing employee health and wellness solutions to over 4,000 corporations, has launched ‘Humanise-Edition One’ – a book that aims to shift workplace narratives to focus on the ‘human’ behind the ‘resource’. Featuring a foreword by Girish Mathrubootham, Executive Chairman of Freshworks, the book is offered in both paperback and Kindle versions.


Plum has also committed to donating all profits from the sale of their book to charity;, demonstrating their dedication to promoting discussions on workplace culture and employee wellness. “This is not only a way for Plum to foster meaningful conversations but also an opportunity to give back,” says Saurabh Arora, cofounder of Plum.


With a collection of thirty plus stories and workplace commentary, the book has five chapters covering:


  • Your relationship with work
  • Lived experiences
  • Bringing hidden issues to light
  • Questioning the norms
  • Let your hair down!


Girish Mathrubootham, Executive Chairman at Freshworks says in his foreword, “‘Humanise’ is a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of work-life balance and beyond. It does not shy away from the tough stuff—such as maintaining the facade of Instagram-worthy perfection in how you talk about work publicly, or dealing with loss without putting your career on pause.”


The book marks the start of a series of books by Plum that will continue to capture the culture of care. In the fast-paced world of work, terms like productivity and burnout often dominate discussions, overshadowing the crucial human element. Humanise is Plum’s way of demonstrating care and shifting the focus to real humans and their issues in the workplace.


“We constantly look at insurance and what it does for your employees – most of your employees – for employees that need any and all types of care. And that’s how we discuss impact. Impact is one of those words that, as for-profit companies, we use interchangeably to suit context. And much like every brand that chooses words carefully, we figured we must be able to measure it. Policy matters. To everyone. But those who need it’s support the most. We’ve observed this through insurance. We’ve observed this through care. Is adoption the measure of impact? Or is it Value?” reflects Saurabh.


Through our journey of building Humanise, we have observed that these stories matter. We shift spotlight to the people to whom a change in policy or acknowledgement or being seen and heard makes all the difference. Whether it is a neurodivergent employee wanting to express themselves, or an adoptive mother requesting for equal parental leaves or someone beyond the binary wanting to be treated with respect, Humanise is for that 1%.


Plum has adopted a refreshingly creative approach to marketing in the insurance and employee benefits industry. Shreyas explains, “Marketing in our sector has traditionally relied on fear, uncertainty, and doubt. At Plum, we’ve shifted our focus to creativity and empathy, aiming to offer a new perspective in our communications.” Plum’s innovative campaigns include ‘Cards Against Work,’ a card game that explores workplace culture with humour; ‘Insurance through ASMR,’ which aims to make insurance information more calming; and ‘Starter Guides for Founders,’ providing valuable resources for entrepreneurs. These initiatives reflect Plum’s commitment to enhancing industry dialogue and engaging with their audience in meaningful ways.


Prominent personalities like Aparna Vedapuri Singh (Founder, Women’s Web), Hamsini Ravi (Communications and Fundraising Specialist for the Impact sector), Mahima Vashisht (Founder and Writer, Womaning in India), Pareen Lathia (Founder and Community Builder), Pranav Manie (Founder and Writer, Hot Chips – a monthly newsletter), Tanmoy Goswami (Creator, Sanity, an independent mental health storytelling platform) and Srijan Mahajan (Cofounder at Pause. Drummer with Parikrama) have contributed to the book.

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