Tech Mahindra Launches a Global Crowdsourcing Platform, Populii
Tech Mahindra Launches a Global Crowdsourcing Platform, Populii
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Tech Mahindra Launches a Global Crowdsourcing Platform, Populii

Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering solutions, today announced the launch of Populii, a crowdsourcing platform that enables gig workers to collaborate with leading organisations through micro jobs requiring human-in-the-loop services. The platform will create flexible work opportunities for the gig workforce while equipping businesses with reliable data from trained and qualified candidates to build competitive AI algorithms.

Populii will create extensive opportunities for gig job seekers around data management, microtasks, and user studies with industry-leading enterprises. Gig jobs on Populii will include content rating, data collection, data transcription, and data annotation of multiple data types. It will also support enterprises in creating production-grade machine-learning models with the help of a qualified workforce and flexible crowd delivery models, enabling businesses to access a pool of skilled talent for a quick ramp-up.

Populii will operate with three customer-centric principles – Advise, Annotate, and Acquire, which will help enterprises scan seamlessly and accelerate product development:

Advise from Tech Mahindra experts with extensive domain knowledge and specialised skills across industry verticals Annotation will be quicker because of the ability to leverage Tech Mahindra’s proven training models that offer high-quality machine-learning datasets Acquisition of multiple data types such as image, text, video, and speech in over 80+ languages

Birendra Sen, Business Head, Business Process Services, Tech Mahindra, said, “Building competitive next-gen Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions requires substantial time and tapping into talent beyond traditional workplaces. Populii, Tech Mahindra’s crowdsourcing platform, connects enterprises with skilled gig workers globally, helping enterprises accelerate AI solution creation while reducing costs and boosting productivity. Gig workers get access to top AI projects and flexible earning opportunities. We believe Populii will become the go-to platform for both gig workers and enterprises, fueling innovation and fostering AI success.”

For job seekers, Populii will serve as the best-in-class community to find gig jobs that fit their schedule, enable upskilling, and ensure on-time payments. On the other hand, for enterprises, the platform will provide rich and accurate data that aligns with their business objectives. Populii is built on the foundation of DataMime, which Tech Mahindra acquired in 2020; the solution offers customizable workflows to cater to customer-specific requirements on a multitenant secured architecture.

Populii’s development is aligned with Tech Mahindra’s NXT.NOW™ framework, which aims to enhance the ‘Human Centric Experience’, with a focus on investing in emerging technologies and solutions that enable digital transformation and meet the evolving needs of the customer.
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