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Vigilant citizens help in preventing Cyber-crimes by reporting fraud calls at Sanchar Saathi portal

 Vigilant and alert citizens are playing an indispensable role in preventing cybercrimes. Through their proactive reporting of suspected fraud communications via the Chakshu-Report Suspected Fraud Communications facility on the Sanchar Saathi portal, these alert citizens are contributing significantly to a safer digital environment.

Their watchful eyes and swift actions protect not only themselves but also countless others from falling victim to scams, phishing attempts, and fraudulent activities. By reporting suspicious messages, calls, and impersonation attempts, these citizens act as the first line of defence against cyber criminals.

This prompt approach of citizens helps the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) combat and prevent cybercrimes. The DoT expresses gratitude to the vigilant citizens who enable the Department in ensuring a safer and secure digital ecosystem.

With these inputs, the DoT has been taking prompt and strict action on cyber/financial frauds. In the latest cases, people were being duped by fraudulent communication in the name of fake LIC officials and Insurance company representatives and SMSs for redemption of SBI Rewards.

The DoT received inputs from citizens on 19.05.2024 regarding such frauds from 14 mobile numbers.

Action taken by DoT:

Within 24 hours, the DoT analysed these cases and generated all linkages for these mobile numbers. Therefore, 372 mobile handsets linked to these mobile numbers were blocked on pan-India basis on 21.05.2024 Also, 906 mobile connections were suspended and flagged for re-verification.

The Department has urged citizens to stay vigilant and report such fraud communications at ‘Chakshu – Report Suspected Fraud Communications’ facility of Sanchar Saathi portal (www.sancharsaathi.gov.in/sfc). Such proactive reporting helps DoT in prevention of misuse of telecom resources for cyber-crime, financial frauds, etc.

Advisories have been issued on a regular basis for the public to create awareness on fake notices impersonating DoT/TRAI, suspected fraud communications and malicious calls via press, SMS, and social media.

About Chakshu (चक्षु) facility on Sanchar Saathi portal:

Chakshu (चक्षु) is the latest addition to the citizen centric facilities already available on the Sanchar Saathi portal of the DoT. ‘Chakshu’ facilitates citizens to report suspected fraud communication received over call, SMS, or WhatsApp with the intention of defrauding like KYC expiry or update of bank account/payment wallet/SIM/gas connection/electricity connection, sextortion, impersonation as government official/relative for sending money, disconnection of all mobile numbers by the DoT, etc. (PIB)

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