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Yethi Consulting launches Tenjin 4.0, the next-gen Test Automation platform with advanced AI capabilities for Banking and Financial services enterprise applications

Yethi Consulting

Yethi Consulting

Yethi Consulting, a pioneer in the sphere of software quality assurance and testing, today announced the launch of the latest version of their enterprise class testing workbench Tenjin 4.0, an all-in-one test-management & codeless test automation platform. The product comes with advanced AI capabilities that help organizations manage, plan, design and execute software tests for complex enterprise applications with ease & simplicity.

Key features of the latest version of Tenjin include:

Integrated Test Management: Tenjin now offers seamless integration of test management capabilities within its platform, streamlining the entire testing lifecycle from planning to execution. Users can effortlessly manage test cases, requirements, and defects within a unified environment.

AI-Assisted Test Design: Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, Tenjin introduces AI-assisted test design functionality powered by either OpenAI or proprietary LLMs (Large Language Models). This feature enables testers to create test cases using natural language constructs and pre-existing documentation, significantly reducing the time and effort required for test creation.

Tracking and Reporting: Tenjin enhances visibility and transparency across manual and automated test execution efforts with robust tracking and reporting capabilities. Users can easily monitor test progress, identify bottlenecks, and generate comprehensive reports to make informed decisions.

ML-Driven Execution Optimization: With ML-driven execution optimization, Tenjin intelligently plans parallel test execution based on data and resource constraints, optimizing testing efficiency and reducing execution time. This feature ensures maximum utilization of available resources while maintaining optimal test coverage.

Automated Testing Across Multiple Platforms: Tenjin extends its support for automated testing across web, mobile, API, and database applications, providing users with a unified platform for comprehensive test automation.

Specialized Capabilities for ISO 20022 Adoption: Tenjin incorporates specialized testing capabilities to address the complexities of ISO 20022 adoption across SWIFT and Fedwire networks. This includes compatibility testing, message format validation, and compliance verification to ensure seamless transition and interoperability.

“Tenjin is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of test automation technology,” said Srirang Srikantha, CEO of Yethi. “With our latest release, we are empowering organizations to accelerate their testing efforts while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency.”

Tenjin 4.0 comes with an inbuilt library of over 1.2 million Test cases that covers 350 Applications for over 40 Financial systems eliminating maintenance and regular update challenges to test scripts.

“Tenjin 4.0 represents a turning point in Test Automation, and we are committed to changing the way businesses approach test automation. Tenjin 4.0 is more than just a testing solution; it marks a significant advancement in test automation. Because of its ease of use, scalability, adaptability with AI capabilities, Tenjin 4.0 will be a game changer in the world of application reliability,” said R Narasimhan, Chairman of Yethi.

The Tenjin automation platform  caters to large QA teams via a cloud-native version, to address specific challenges faced by different consumption communities for their web and mobile apps and API applications. TenjinOnline is specifically designed for large federated teams to help accelerate their development cycles and testing processes. Tenjin SaaS intelligently optimizes test coverage and test runs in real-time across multiple teams for swift execution and improved application reliability.

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