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Meta’s Global Layoffs Reach India, Impacting Senior Executives in Latest Job Cuts

New Delhi — Several senior executives in India were among the employees affected by Meta ‘s latest round of job cuts, which impacted 6,000 employees worldwide.

In India, Avinash Pant, the Director of Marketing; Saket Jha Saurabh, the Director of Media Partnerships; and Amrita Mukherjee, the Director of Legal at Meta India, were reportedly among the individuals affected by the recent layoffs.

Reports indicate that a wave of global layoffs has impacted various divisions, including marketing, administration, and human resources, among others, in India.

Meta India teams across different sectors have previously experienced the effects of earlier layoff rounds.

Meta’s cost-cutting restructuring efforts drive this round of layoffs. These job cuts are part of the organisation’s “Year of Efficiency” initiative, aimed at streamlining operations.

Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg had earlier announced plans to eliminate 10,000 jobs across two rounds of layoffs in late April and late May.

In November last year, Meta eliminated 11,000 positions, resulting in a total of around 21,000 job cuts across various departments within the company.

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