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Garmin Launches New Instinct 2 Smartwatch Series In India

New Delhi — Renowned wearable brand Garmin has unveiled its latest smartwatch series, ‘Instinct 2,’ in India. This new lineup includes the Instinct 2X Solar and the Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition.

These solar-powered sleek smartwatches boast military-standard durability and are designed for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The smartwatch comes with infinite battery life and a legible display. It is water-resistant and features a scratch-resistant Power Glass lens.

The Instinct 2X Solar variant offers an in-built LED flashlight with adjustable intensities. On the other hand, the Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition features a multi-LED flashlight offering white and dedicated green illumination options. The inclusion of green light is especially valuable as it helps maintain natural night vision during nocturnal operations.

Both Instinct 2X Solar and Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition have various health and fitness tracking features, including heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and sleep tracking.

The Instinct 2X Solar features ‘Obstacle Course Racing,’ which enables athletes to accurately monitor and analyze their performance during challenging courses, providing comprehensive data to enhance their training.

Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition comes with night vision compatibility, stealth mode, and Jumpmaster mode for parachute activities.

The Garmin ‘Instinct 2’ series is set to hit the market on May 25, with prices starting at Rs 33,490. These smartwatches can be purchased online or from physical stores.

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