NSEZ & IDEMIA India Foundation Collaborate to Enhance Health and Well-being for NSEZ Workers

In a steadfast commitment to community welfare, Noida Special Economic Zone Authority (NSEZ) organized breast cancer screening and Heart Health Camp to provide essential healthcare services to marginalized workers in the Noida Special Economic Zone. The camp was powered by the IDEMIA India Foundation.

The Breast Cancer Camp and Heart Health Camp witnessed an overwhelming response, with over 1000 workers from the Noida Special Economic Zone availing the much-needed healthcare services. The primary objective for organizing both the camps was to address the healthcare needs of those individuals whose well-being often takes a backseat due to limited access to resources. Recognizing the pressing need for healthcare accessibility in such communities, the IDEMIA India Foundation and NSEZ took proactive steps towards bridging this gap.

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, known as “Pink October,” The essential check-up was administered by highly skilled specialists from the esteemed Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Research Institute and CanSupport. The comprehensive investigations offered during the camp include the PAP Smear Test for Cervical Cancer Screening, Clinical Breast Examination, Clinical Oral Examination, Blood Pressure, and Blood Sugar. Additionally, for cases necessitating further examination, provisions for Mammogram and consultation with senior medical experts were readily made available.

The heart health camp offered an array of vital health assessments, including but not limited to blood pressure, ECG, blood sugar tests, and various other heart and general health assessments. For many of the attendees, this was their inaugural experience of receiving professional healthcare services. As a result, several health issues, both minor and major, were identified and addressed. These interventions could potentially save lives by preventing these issues from escalating further.

Speaking on this, Mr. Bipin Menon, Development Commissioner, Noida Special Economic Zone, said, “Bipin Menon, Development Commissioner, Noida Special Economic Zone, said, “”Organizing health camps is not just a noble endeavor, but a vital one in promoting the well-being and holistic development of our society. By offering resources and expertise, we can make a significant impact on the health and lives of our workers and is a testament to the genuine concern we hold for the welfare of our marginalized workforce including women. We commend the initiative taken by IDEMIA in collaborating with Noida SEZ to foster a healthy, vibrant and productive community.”
Mr. Surender Malik, Joint Development Commissioner, Noida Special Economic Zone added, “These camps are a powerful testament of our commitment to prioritize well-being. It’s a proactive step towards building a healthier, happier community.”

Mr. Matthew Foxton, IDEMIA India Regional Head commented, “We believe it’s important to #MakeAnIMPACT in the communities in which we operate. We at IDEMIA are proud of our contribution to building a healthier and more inclusive community. Special thanks to the IDEMIA India team for their dedication and the NSEZ Commissioner Bipin Menon and Surrender Mallik for their unwavering encouragement and support in driving such initiatives.” IDEMIA India Foundation encourages community action at local offices and factories in ways that positively impact the surrounding community via skilling, Health Camps etc., and contributes to environmentally friendly initiatives.
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