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Experience the Future of Laptops: AR Startup Unveils $2,000 Game-Changer!

New Delhi — Startup Sightful, backed by an impressive $61 million in initial funding, is revolutionizing the laptop experience. Their groundbreaking $2,000 Spacetop device, touted as the world’s first of its kind, reimagines augmented reality (AR) on laptops.

Gone are the days of traditional monitor displays. Instead, the Spacetop features a webcam and a pair of glasses connected to the lower half of the laptop by a cord. Through these glasses, users can marvel at a 100-inch projection of their workspace screen.

Sightful’s visionary co-founders aim to integrate AR seamlessly into everyday life, recognizing that most people haven’t yet grasped its potential in the workplace. This innovative setup maximizes the workspace display, providing a solution for the predominantly remote workforce that emerged during the pandemic.

“The reason people are not using AR and VR is because there’s no reason for them to use it,” said Sightful co-founder and CEO Tamir Berliner as per a Tech Brew report.

With their AR laptop, Sightful intends to change that perception and empower users to unlock the untapped possibilities of AR in their professional lives.

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