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Solein: Food of the Future

New Delhi — Finnish company Solar Foods recently unveiled Solein, an innovative edible powder crafted from natural elements, during a programme in Singapore. The powder, resembling the vibrant hue of haldi, is being hailed as the “food of the future.” Solein was showcased in a multi-course menu, featuring delectable dishes such as pasta, salad, and ice cream.

This groundbreaking ingredient marks a pivotal moment in human history, as it eliminates the need for photosynthetic plants to generate edible calories.

According to a LiveMint report, Pasi Vainikka, the CEO and partner of Solar Foods, emphasized the significance of this achievement, stating, “For the first time ever, humankind can derive nourishment from calories that do not rely on photosynthesis. This marks a truly historic milestone, bypassing the traditional reliance on photosynthetic processes and ushering in a new era of primary food production while revitalizing biodiversity.”

The creation of Solein involves a fascinating process utilizing microbes and fermentation. Solar Foods cultivates a single microbe and enhances its population through fermentation. This microbe is then “fed” a combination of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and electricity. The end result is harvested and processed to remove water, yielding the remarkable powdery substance known as Solein.

Although Solein’s potential is immense, its widespread availability is not expected until 2024, when a small-scale proof-of-concept plant becomes fully operational.

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