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YIT Corporation partners with Tech Mahindra for IT modernization

New Delhi:  Finnish development and construction company YIT Corporation has selected Tech Mahindra as a strategic partner to transform its business by optimising business processes through automated IT operations.

As part of the partnership, Tech Mahindra will provide a significant part of YIT’s IT services, harmonising and consolidating the current services to one dedicated supplier. Moreover, Tech Mahindra will work with YIT to modernize its enterprise IT architecture and system landscape to drive increased efficiencies across its value chain.

The end-to-end IT operations for YIT will be run by Tech Mahindra, with a focus on customer centricity and measurable business growth, delivering world-class customer experiences. Approximately 20 current YIT employees will be transferred to Tech Mahindra on 1 May 2023, as part of the partnership.

“We are looking forward to supporting YIT’s transformation journey as the company increases agility and strengthens customer focus. As we embark on this journey, Tech Mahindra is committed to delivering operational excellence and a superior customer experience to provide the speed and agility necessary for YIT Corporation. This partnership is yet another milestone and proof of our growing footprint in Finland and across the Nordic region,” said Tech Mahindra Continental Europe  Business Head Mukul Dhyani.

This collaboration will further strengthen Tech Mahindra’s position and continued focus on Europe and the Nordic markets. The company has been invested in fostering growth and innovation through the innovation lab in Helsinki. The innovation hub will leverage Tech Mahindra’s R&D arm Makers Lab, cooperate with universities and technology startup ecosystem channelling innovation to YIT Corporation and other customers.

“Building a strong partnership with one of the leading IT providers allows for greater innovation and enables our organisation to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The partnership with Tech Mahindra will help us to speed up the transformation, ensure up-to-date IT services and increase flexibility, at a lower cost,” said YIT CIO Esa Nykänen.

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